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12pm-2pm     BCRadio Lunchtime Mix – LIVE!!!
4pm-5pm       Marta po polsku – repeat
5pm-6pm       Radio na Life  – premier
6pm-7pm       Bowgate Street  – premier
8pm-10pm     Transmit – premier
10pm-11pm   Cranium titanium – repeat
12-1pm          Chris & Monty’s time travel of ultimate music  – repeat
6pm-7pm       Left on dial – premier
7pm – 8pm     Money Sense – repeat
8pm-10pm     Brit Rock – repeat
10pm-11pm   The Music Box – repeat
10:50am        Nutrition Tips – repeat
11am-12pm   Ultimate Country – repeat
12pm-2pm     BCRadio Lunchtime Mix – LIVE!!!
6pm-7pm      OBSean Kenobi – premier
7pm-8pm      The Music Box – premier
8pm-9pm      Bowgate Street – repeat
9pm-10pm    Cranium titanium – premiere
10pm-11pm  Left on the Dial – repeat
11am-12pm  The Music Box – repeat
5:50 pm        Nutrition Tips – premier
6pm-7pm      Ultimate Country – premier
7pm-8pm      Marta po polsku – repeat
8pm-10pm    Mixed peel – premier
11am-12pm   OBSean Kenobi – repeat
12pm-1pm    Money Sense – premier
3pm-4pm      Marta po polsku – LIVE !!!
4pm-5pm      Bowgate Street – repeat
8pm-9pm      Brit Rock – repeat
9pm-10pm    The Music Box – repeat
10pm-11pm  Graveyard_shift – repeat

Listen in each Saturday from 7.00am to hear live shows throughout the day on BcRadio. To find out more about our schedule visit our Facebook page.

11am-12pm  Bowgate Street – repeat
12pm-2pm   Mixed Peel – repeat
2pm-3pm     OBSean Kenobi – repeat
3pm-4pm     Ultimate Country – repeat
4pm-5pm     Brit Rock – repeat
5pm-6pm     Left on the dial – repeat
6pm-7pm     The Music Box – repeat
7pm-9pm     Transmit – repeat
9pm-10pm   Chris & Monty’s time travel of ultimate music  – repeat

Level 1
Main Street
Co Mayo