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'Guth Na Locha'

We here at BCradio are committed and passionate about promoting and supporting all things Ballinrobe and the surrounding Lake District. With a 10 mile radius this year we hope to do this via the airwaves! FM licence is being sought and we need to raise funds to make this possible. We have done very well over the past 12 months and have two modern studios built which are based in Ballinrobe. We would like to thank our local sponsors for getting us this far and to all the local support we have received through our recent fundraising efforts. Coming up now though there is an annual fee for the FM license, as well as transmission equipment we need to purchase and ongoing running costs. It is at this point now we need the whole community to really get behind this project if we are to have our own radio station. If you are in a position to donate please do. If you cant then there are many other ways you can contribute to the station as we are always looking for more volunteers to help out.
Getting on the airwaves is a major priority for us and with your help we can reach that goal. For now we are streaming 24/7 online and doing what we can to help promote local business's/events/clubs etc on Facebook, and via our website:





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